Who we are

Faryl Robin Morse

faryl robin morse It all started at age 16, with an expensive pair of pants...a pair of pants that I couldn't afford. I wanted them so badly that I took a part-time job in order to pay for them. I was lucky enough to get a job as a salesperson in a brand new New York City shoe store: Kenneth Cole. These seemingly random events revealed my deep passion for fashion footwear.

A year later, I attended FIT to study shoe design and merchandising. Shortly after that, I was off to Ars Sutoria in Italy, where I learned deeply the fine art of shoemaking. After spending 15 years working in the footwear industry - in design, merchandising, and marketing for some of the leading fashion footwear companies - I wanted to make my mark on the world by creating women's shoes that inspired me and that gave other women a sense of confidence.

When I started Farylrobin in 2000, I knew it would be a lot of hard work, but I didn't know it could be so much fun! I launched my own brand - Farylrobin - and I also designed shoes for a wide range of fashion brands and shoe retailers, under private label. As we grew, I came to realize the work that was inspiring and the work that wasn't.

So, a few years ago, I made an important decision. I chose to limit our client base to retailers who wanted to really transform and grow their fashion shoe business. We found that those retailers challenged us most...and that they valued most the creative work we do.

The results have been extraordinary....for us and for our retailers.

We come to work every day...inspired, challenged, with a sense of mission. Our retailers get inspired, out-of-the-box merchandising ideas, and boldly designed shoes that give their customers a sense of confidence...and a reason to come back to their shoe floor for more!

We'd love to talk with you about how we can help you.

- Faryl